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Movies I Have Seen 10 or More Times

Going along with my tips on how to help the environment, I have personally decided not to purchase movies unless they are ones that I might watch 10 or more times. Otherwise, I suggest check them out at local libraries, borrowing from friends, or registering for a good rental deal such as Netflix.

Below is a list of movies that I have watched ten or more times.

For the younger folks out there, this is the original trilogy. Episodes I, II, and III were written and filmed long after the original trilogy. Although, Episodes I-III had their own strengths, I was not as charmed with them as I was with the original. I am not sure how much of this has to do with preconceptions and how much has to do with the relative merit of the two trilogies, but I'm fairly sure it's a combination of them both.

Another George Lucas trilogy which later added a fourth installment. Strangely enough, the second movie actually takes place before the first movie chronologically, while the last one takes place after the first one. Again, I feel that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is missing that certain charm that the other three have.

I know it seems like there are a lot of Lucas films on this list, but this is last one I assure you. I still believe that this is one of the best fairy tale movies ever made.

A childhood favorite of mine - who doesn't dream of being a video game master and earning a trip to an alien planet?

This is one of the other best fairy tale movies ever made. Personally, I think the movie could have stood on it's own without the Colombo/Kevin Arnold interludes.

One summer in the early nineties when Pauly Shore was hip, my brothers and I watched this film almost constantly.

I enjoy all of the Rocky films in different ways. Even the weaker ones are fairly entertaining. Although I like the movie Rocky Balboa, more time will have to pass before it reaches the 10+ viewings. I am quite glad that Rocky didn't win the fight at the end, as it is enough of a suspension of disbelief to buy into the fact that he went the distance with the heavyweight champion when he was twice his opponent's age.

A set of highly entertaining movies. While as a kid, I enjoyed all three equally well, I have grown to appreciate the first movie to the point that I feel that it could stand alone. II and III tend to be a rehashing of the formula for the first movie, just set in different time periods. Nonetheless, II and III are also entertaining and have some things about them that are original as well.

The seventh Harrison Ford movie on my list, this had a special charm in that it featured Harrison Ford as the "ass-kicking President," as David Letterman put it.

A cult classic comedy starring "Weird Al" Yankovic and pre-"Seinfeld" Michael Richards.

A hilarious documentary about a fictional(?) rock group that is declining rapidly in popularity. If you have the special edition DVD, watch it with the commentary - it breathes a whole new life into the movie.

I think I have seen all of the Monty Python movies, but this is the one that seriously has replay value. So many classic scenes and catch phrases can be found in this piece-meal retelling of the grail legend.

This is one of those comedies that just doesn't seem to get old. And the plot is so interwoven, I think I notice something new every time I watch it.

My brothers and I have made this one a new family Christmas tradition.

I'm actually referring to the original movie version, which is actually a compilation of BBC-TV episodes. It is a poor production with bad acting and direction, but as an H2G2 fan, I often fell asleep watching this during college.

I have seen several episodes of this show 10+ times. This is another show that I would often watch while falling asleep, so I may have seen the first 15 minutes of some episodes 50+ times!

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