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Samuel Stokes - Composer, Playwright, Pianist has been relocated to Bird Millman

Bird Millman

The Musical

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"When I was awarded the title role in Bird Millman, it was an honor and a challenge. As an actress, I had been on the stage my whole life, but had never performed a leading musical part. Ever. I always shied away from singing. When I first heard the score for this musical, that had never been performed before, I was enlightened by the charm of the music. It was sweet, beautiful and timely, and I was somehow confident I could sing it. It turned out to be one of the most joyous experiences of my career, and I still sing the songs and know most of the words years later. This is definitely due to the memorable melodies that Sam Stokes infused into the story of Bird."

-Cheri Hinz - the original Bird Millman

Bird Millman was premeired by the
Freemont Civic Theatre in Canon City, Colorado on April 11, 2002. August Mergleman is the playwright and lyricist. Sam Stokes is the composer and wrote additional lyrics. The show was directed by Tom Ledbetter.

Original cast photo


Bird Millman is the story of Canon City's legendary tight-rope walker. It tells of how she overcame the pressures of being a child performer, and the expectations for women in the days of suffrage and after. In this musical, Bird constantly faces the feeling of wanting to run away and join the circus, but as a circus performer already she feels trapped right where she is. This musical is metaphor for life and the struggle to be one's self regardless of the expectations of others.

Premiere production video of Bird Millman

Visit the Sam Stokes Youtube Channel

Visit the Sam Stokes Youtube Channel

List of Musical Numbers

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1. The Typewriter is Mightier
2. Old Mose from Phantom Canyon
3. Nomads
4. Champagne Suppers
5. You've Got to Eat a Lot of Peaches
6. Honky-Tonk Follies
7. Birdie
8. Jessie


9. A Thing of Beauty
10. An Irish Wedding Fib
11. Nomads (reprise)
12. Mud
13. Run Away From the Circus
14. A Thing of Beauty (reprise)
15. Finale - Run Away From the Circus

Perusal Materials

Bird Millman has a cast size of 12 (8 women, 4 men).

Accompaniment options:

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To perform Bird Millman, contact Sam Stokes for royalty information and perusal scripts.

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